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Building Leadership

Leaders are born everyday. The only problem is most of them do not know it. They may never know it without being integrated into the right "Blueprint". Notice I didn't say "educated"? I feel as soon as you slap that label on it, everybody right away thinks you have to be from the right school and have a PhD or something. Think about it. Did Henry Ford? No, he was "uneducated" and poor. Did Thomas Edison? No, his story was basically the same as Fords. In fact they knew each other. Great minds make good company. They overcame ridicule and skepticism not only from their own peers, but from anybody else who caught wind of what they were trying to do. But, these days we use our vehicles and light bulbs without thinking. Almost as if lights & cars have always been around from the start and to most of us they have. We drive around and flip on the light without the slightest feeling of gratitude. That somebody thought enough for mankind to come up with something so convenient for us. Could you imagine riding a horse & buggy and lighting your room with candles? Well, if not for a strong willed mind and great leadership, this could have been what it is today.

The company that I am about to introduce you to, providing you fit the profile, will give you all the knowledge from those great minds. And we as a community of equal masterminds share an on-going wealth of knowledge. Literally everybody has brought their own ingredient of intellect into the mix.

I am not looking for everyone. I'm only seeking people who think like the top 3% of quality individuals in North America that believe there is a better way, and are willing to step up and make it happen. People whose desire far outweighs their skepticism. There are a lot of mentors and coaches out there that will teach you for a price but, I did happen to trip over tis little gem (link). They did provide me with the right information to know the previous direct sales company I was with was not right for me. It didn't fit my personality so I got out and found something way better.

Get Your Life Back!

Isn’t it about time parents get reunited with their children again? Most parents have to drop their kids off at a babysitter or daycare before they get to their job. That doesn’t allow much time for interaction. Not to mention, by the time they pick them up and eat supper, that only allows a couple hours before they are shipped off to bed. That’s not enough "family" time spent in my books.

Maybe you don’t have children but, you work hard and long hours. Maybe you have two or three part-time jobs and it is still not enough. Not to mention you have no time to hook up with your friends anymore. Does your job description equal your paycheck? I don't know about you but, every job I had I did more things outside of what I was hired to do and didn't see my paycheck adjusted, not once! Now, the way things are heading, when a corporation cuts back. Who's left to do the extra work? Would you call that promotion or "demotion!"?

 We were all just sick and tired of settling. We knew there had to be something out there that we could "choose in"! And everybody that I have talked to or that I heard their story on the calls, had the same thing to say about how they were attracted to this offer.

On a personal note, I myself, was struggling so badly, my little family was starting to grow, my little house was beginning to shrink, vehicle breaking down, job getting tougher, company going broke! ... And even through all that, I knew that I still had it better then some other people. But, I just stood up from my desk and screamed at the top of my lungs "I JUST WANT A CHANGE IN MY LIFE!!" The next thing I did after I recovered from nearly passing out was I got on the ‘net’. Then this ad was on the side and something inside my head persuaded me to push the button. Then after reading through the site several times I thought "This sounds too good to be true." I actually read the words "Do you want a change in your life?" I had a little ‘chill’ travel up my back. But, then I was having a battle with my conscious "Should I do it, should I fill out the info box? I don’t know .... maybe not." So, my intuition won, I went for it and I never looked back.

If you can relate to this or have had a similar experience. Then I would suggest to go ahead and fill out the contact page at the end of this site and I will call you. We then will have a brief chat before I can send you to a business presentation. It is just that simple. 

Stop Working for Others

I used to think getting a good job, working for an "x" amount of time, building a nest egg and then retirement, would be the way to do it. Then I thought owning my own business would be a better way. But now, after being self-employed for 12 years and not being the big boss of the business where you have managers, supervisors & workers actually running the operation, I know that’s just not true anymore.

Robert Kiyosaki puts it in plain English when he explains about the "Cash Flow Quadrant". The employed & self-employed will always be struggling while they work for their money and the big bosses & investors will always be having it easier with their money working for them.

This business is better than buying a Franchise or building a Brick & Mortar from scratch, with it you have:

• Low Start Up fees
• 20-25 hour work weeks
• Portable Business - can be worked from anywhere on the planet
• 13 Billion Dollar Industry of Personal Development & Direct Sales
• 8 year track Record of Success
• Training/Support with associates in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & most of Europe
• An opportunity to work from the comfort of your home.


No information will be sent via email. I don't hide behind the Internet. I only have time to work with people who are serious enough about their success to have a 5-8 minute conversation about the kind of life they deserve.

This lifestyle is NOT for everyone. It is for people who are sick and tired of just settling for the life they think that has been handed to them. First things first, life is not "handed" to us! We live and learn our life based on what we know. So, then everything we do or have done has been our "CHOICE"! "If you do not like the way your life is going right now, then maybe there is something you do not know." T. Harv Eker.  This is also for people who have what it takes to be self employed, self reliant, driven, focused, and coachable.

If you believe you have what it takes to be exceptionally successful in life, fill out the form on the last page. I will PERSONALLY contact you within 48 hrs.

I will not be trying to sell you anything or convince you of anything... I don't need to. I am looking for motivated people like me, who are serious about making money so they can learn how to help their family, friends or communities.

Once I know you're serious, I will be happy to share my systems with you.

1. I work exclusively with people who are 100% committed to making a six-figure incomes within the next 6 - 12 months. ABSOLUTELY, 100% COMMITTED. While lots of people say they want to make more money or have more time, most people would rather settle for the fake security of their job. I work exclusively with people who are CONFIDENT in their DECISION MAKING ability, have VISION, and are READY TO MAKE REAL MONEY.

2. This is not a lottery ticket or a get rich quick "deal". I have real businesses, with proven, lucrative business models. Like every business they require focus, a willingness to learn and a desire to achieve. The people I choose to work with must be 100% coachable and ready to take action to hit their goals.

3. You must know what you want and why you want it. I can not help you if you haven't decided for yourself what YOU are worth. Lots of people "want more money"...how much, why, for what? If you know what your goal is, I can show you how to get it.

If you believe you possess these qualities, complete the form below and I will personally give you a call in 48 hours for a brief interview and to show you the next step.
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